So here we are…

Decided to give it another try,  after a hiatus of 2 years. Not that there hasn’t been a lot to write about, mind you. The politics of the land has gone off the rails, politicians want to spend like drunken sailors and the constitution got changed in record time to soothe the ego of one man: Sackey Shanghala.
The housing problem got highlighted when a young man called Job decided to plough in the city if Windhoek’s backyard. We have a new president and his brand new first lady.
This is going to be a year if changes for Namibia. And I just hope that all the afyoona take part in the transformation. Or else all they will be good for is to give Omake. 


About mikeymun

Just a dumb village boy trying to get to grips with technology.......
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1 Response to So here we are…

  1. Imke Rust says:

    Welcome back! Looking forward to new posts from you 🙂

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