As Swarzenegger said, “I’ll be back”. And so am I. The year has been a crazy one for Namibian politics. Oil was found, but not so much that one would notice. This didn’t stop the finders from strutting off to State House with our potential next president in tow. The SWAPO youth league wasn’t happy about it, and objected vociferously, prompting catfights with the geriatric leadership. The whole thing ended with Pohamba bitchslapping the not-so-youthful youth league into compliance, and sending them into the stone age, to communicate via smoke signals and drums.
Speaking of catfights, did you hear the story about our buck passing Minister of health and the UNAM medical school? It would have been funny, had it not been so tragic. For a lot of Namibians, the hospital has become a place where they go to die. You would think that would worry our honourable minister. But no, he would blame heaven and earth and everything in between before he would take any responsibility for anything. With ministers like those, who needs enemies?

The hard working Abraham Iyambo passed away and his Deputy, Dr Namwaandi was appointed in his position. And he didn’t waste time in starting a feud with the Polytechnic of Namibia’s Tjama Tjivikua. Well, if this is not a clear case of not seeing the log in your own eye, then I don’t know what is. The ministry of Education sends thousands of young people on the streets every year. At least Tjivikua has a higher success rate. And Namwaandi, who is the owner of the IUM, a third rate university at best, shouldn’t be throwing stones. Maybe he should fire himself and replace himself with Tjivikua. Who knows, the stature of his “university” might change from the national joke that it is.

Comments, insults and criticism always appreciated.


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