You gotta love Namibia

Haven’t you noticed how our “youth” seem to mature later and later? Why is it so? Is it because we still have middle aged grandpas as leaders of youth organizations? Are we creating a nation of perpetual teenagers?

The government was forced to eat humble pie the other week when one of the accused in the Caprivi treason saga was found innocent. After 13 years and untold suffering. Our government’s shoot first charge later mentality is going to cost us dearly and not only in monetary terms. We look ubiquitous the mirror and see the same people we fought against. People for whom the law was just a convenient excuse to dmsow fear and spur certain people in their places.

In the north, some very responsible adults camped outside a school and looked their own children out because the school had the audacity to accept a few things from Hidipo Hamutenya, former Swapo member and turncoat in the eyes of many. They locked the gate that Mr Hamutenya provided with six padlocks. Talk about overkill. People were willing to sacrifice their kids obviously the altar of political expediency. Maybe there are a few jobs for comrades coming their way.

The olufuko festival, that pitted church and community against one another was a roaring success. People travelled from as areas Windhoek to go see a few boobs, and rumours are that they were bot disappointed. Despite the condemnations, a few pastors went there as well, “to check our the devil’s handiwork.”

I hear that nbc was on strike for a while. I didn’t notice. It would have been nice if the music had died permanently. But fear not, nbc will soon be so broke that parliamentarians will be using drums to communicate.

Kazenambo has a new target in his sight. The vanquisher of Poolman and terror of newspaper reporters has started a themonuclear war against the 43 year old youth, Ngurare aka ghostfighter. The tsunami is still heading for the shore. I don’t know if the levees of Ngurareland will hold against hurricane Kazenambo.

Bye folks.


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