Random thoughts.

The Sammification of the country is inevitable. Embrace it, you Sambots. The sun set last night on Lady May, and she said goodnight to all. Miss Namibia apparently exposed the shallowness of beauty contests with many contestants killing two stones with one bird. Namibia is an interesting country.

We have pastors who act like randy goats, health professionals who watch people die, and heroes. Oh do we have heroes! I mean hero. The unknown soldier is getting a name. Hero, thy name is Sam. Father or the nation and all that. In our extended family tradition, it is only fair that we have the uncle of the nation, son of the nation and uncle of my uncle’s brother’s sister’s wife’s cousin of the nation. After all it takes a village to raise a hero. Or does it take a hero to raise a village? I am wavering a little.

Bon Jovi sang a song called you give love a bad name. A lot of pastors are hellbent on giving church a bad name, it seems. Money, power and sex seems to be the motivating factor. If I was a fifty year old man, I wouldn’t wanna embarrass myself trying to match stamina against a young lady. But then that is me. Some people probably still can. Yes we can! Hope and change! But then it exposes how Namibians in positions of power abuse it. Lawyers, politicians and teachers. Everyone looking out for number one, whether to dip their wick in new candle wax or to get a few Sam dollars. We have a crisis. A Christian country behaving like a bunch of heathens? Hypocrisy.

Well. Let me hear from you lot. Will you give me a sign that you still read my ramblings? Thanks Helvi,even if….. you gave me the courage to start again


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5 Responses to Random thoughts.

  1. Freakette says:

    Welcome back! I will admit that i av been checking this blog to see if there is anything new and even re-reading the old ones. So im glad Helvi has got you back on the horse….

  2. Imke Rust says:

    I am happy you are back!! I know how you feel (been there – oh heck, am there), it is discouraging to not get feedback, but you must not ever again let that you stop doing what you do. Preserver, because you have talent and a great mind – and i just love to read your cheeky, funny and thought-provoking posts. If i might quote: “It is easy to forget the value of what we do.. But do not worry, I will act as your memory on this one.:-). Will keep reminding you that there is at least one person who appreciates your work.” – maybe you remember having written this on my blog? 😉

    • mikeymun says:

      Thanks Imke. I needed to remember that. Even if a tree falls in the wood and no one hears it, it ready did fall. I will put my thoughts out there nice more. Thank you for reminding me.

  3. freakette says:

    and now…?

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