The Revolutionary’s creed.

I believe in the holy SWAPO party

The congregation of revolutionaries

The enrichment of comrades

and the rule everlasting.

Comrade Jerry is a man on a mission. If he gets his way, people would be wearing wearing SWAPO suits to church, to work and even when making babies.  And the refrain while having an orgasm would be, Oh Viva SWAPO!! And some people see no problem with this. The sms page in The Namibian has a number of smses equating this to a nurse wearing her uniform to a rally. First, professionals like nurse, soldiers and policemen cannot use their work attire as a political tool. And secondly, most overtly political attire is banned in the workplace(unless you are working for the SWAPO or RDP head office, that is.)

The church for many is a symbol of unity where party, race and social status take a backseat. And bringing politics into it will only serve to divide the country even more. Maybe Comrade Jerry should stick to providing houses and not meddle into matters that are beyond his understanding. Or he can start the SWAPO church, with him as the head priest.


About mikeymun

Just a dumb village boy trying to get to grips with technology.......
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