Sleeping Beauties and Independence..

Our parliamentarians must be as pleased as punch. On the eve of Independence Day they received news that they will soon be moving out of the unsafe, decrepit Tintenpalast into a new building. No doubt they are not getting enough sleep for the fear of a piece of crumbling masonry falling on their head while in their sleep. You have to feel for them. After all, even the Chinese treat their employees better than our parliamentarians are treated. For example, there are no beds in the parliamentary chambers and parliamentarians have to make do with sleeping in their seats.

Mike’s law says that the moment a politician enters parliament, he loses his common sense and becomes disconnected from reality. How can one justify erecting a billion dollar structure when people are scrounging in rubbish bins just to survive?Judging by the quality of debates, a a new parliamentary building is at the bottom of my list. Do our politicians have no sense of shame? Are they content to be just footnotes in the history books? Or are they just content to draw their pay, sleep and then go reciting meaningless slogans at rallies? One Namibia one nation my foot!

It has been clear for a while now that there are two Namibias. One is for your average Namibia who tries to make ends meet, by working his butt off and yet getting nowhere. He may go scrounge in a dump or two to support his family. He is ashamed of not being able to provide for his family. He sometimes votes, but lately he has begun to lose hope.

The other is your average politician and BEE tenderpreneur. He has a wide circle of friends, lives in a nice house and goes to the nicest restaurants in town. He has solid political connections and wields a lot of influence. He can afford to bend the law because he knows that his political friends will protect him. He still believes in the dreams of political struggle, as long as it benefits him.

As we approach independence, many Namibians are asking themselves. What does independence mean to me. Is it just about getting to vote for who would screw you the least? Or is it more than that? For 22 years Namibians have been patient, hoping that after the old guard have looted enough they would turn to the business of empowering the common man in the street. The countdown is about to hit zero, and people will lose patience. Politicians swore to serve Namibia. The time is now. Ignore the people at your peril.


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2 Responses to Sleeping Beauties and Independence..

  1. lanna says:

    one really has to wonder, first the add a mere 50 bucks to the pensioners, which is peanuts and now we find out they are going to spend BILLIONS on a new parliament, what is wrong with our politions? i wonder still, will the parliament bring out fresh ideas on how to improve the ever declining living conditions of the rest of us?

  2. Imke Rust says:

    Gosh, people have been extremely patient for far too long. I cannot understand why only such few people seem to be asking these questions and insisting on their right to get real answers and changes. We deserve much better – why are Namibians doing this to themselves. Have we totally forgotten our power and rights, and why are we not aware that our so-called leaders are not untouchable? Thank you for your post and asking the questions and to call a spade a spade!

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