Dude, where is my revolution?

President Pohamba seems to have given himself a poke on “bookface”. His feelings were hurt by the youth who wanted to claim the revolution. In the classic “my revolution is bigger than your revolution” style, he decided to put them in their places. The revolution is dead, long live the revolution.

In the same week, Insight magazine published its cabinet scorecard. Let us just say that there is nothing revolutionary going on in the cabinet. If the ministers had been students at our prestigious mark, even the Sexually Transmitted Marks wouldn’t allow most of them to scrape through with an adequate pass.

Our President is a nice guy. I really think he is a gentleman. It is not his fault that his character makes people want to indulge in a snoozefest whenever he opens his mouth. I understand that he would want to show a little more spine when dealing with the recalcitrant elements in his party. However he should save his venom for the real problems facing Namibia. The scourge of corruption has spread its tentacles in all aspects of Namibian life, and the ACC seems to be an agency created to misdirect citizens. They put the spotlight on the small fish, while the big fish continue stealing in the dark. A handy magic trick. Houdini politics at its best.

To paraphrase Admiral Nelson, Namibia expect every man to do his duty. And the youth have a role to play in this country. That includes giving their opinions about the state of the country. When the current generation is gone, it is the current youth who will have to live with the result of the decision that the Pohamba generation is making now. Of course, there must be respect in our national discourse. The leaders have a responsibility to lead by example in this regard, and sadly their record over the years hasn’t been stellar.

President Pohamba had a chance to show presidential gravitas on this issue. He could have addressed the issues that the youth raised, while pointing out where they erred. By doing so he could have killed two birds with one stone. Sadly he chose to indulge in a schoolyard tantrum.

The revolution died with a whimper when we let the majority of our people slide into poverty. It petrified when we dumped a huge number of our children onto the street without any hope. Until our leaders stop talking slogans and really empower the people, we will remain a people shackled by the sickly glow of an evolution that was mistaken for a revolution, a parody where political selection culls out the honest and competent, and elevates the scoundrels and scumbags.

At least President Pohamba knows about facebook, so all is not lost. I challenge the President to come into the twenty-first century and open an official “bookface” and twitter account, so that the youth can get to know him better, and he can get to know the youth better. We may even get to like his status.


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3 Responses to Dude, where is my revolution?

  1. Freakette says:

    Land of The Brave is dead aint it? Either that or its like a car that drives better downhill. I av lost hope that we wil get better. At anything. Any sector. Any aspect of this once promising country. There is jus too much to complain about. Our leaders arent making it any better either. Wat with our Prezzie acting all `mine`s bigger and better than yours` attitude… Glass is half empty…

  2. mikeymun says:

    Do you need to go to the camp for re-education and Patriotic Fervour?

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