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Render unto Caesar..

I went to a certain church some time  ago. It was all emotional and spiritual and, well I liked the service. Until the time came for the tithes to be paid. Before the tithes, there was a special collection  for … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Namibia

The government has had a lot of criticism with regard to its care of its citizens over the years. Some of the criticism is fair. The government has a responsibility towards its people. However people also have a responsibility towards … Continue reading

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Sleeping Beauties and Independence..

Our parliamentarians must be as pleased as punch. On the eve of Independence Day they received news that they will soon be moving out of the unsafe, decrepit Tintenpalast into a new building. No doubt they are not getting enough … Continue reading

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Dude, where is my revolution?

President Pohamba seems to have given himself a poke on “bookface”. His feelings were hurt by the youth who wanted to claim the revolution. In the classic “my revolution is bigger than your revolution” style, he decided to put them … Continue reading

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