So here we are…

Decided to give it another try,  after a hiatus of 2 years. Not that there hasn’t been a lot to write about, mind you. The politics of the land has gone off the rails, politicians want to spend like drunken sailors and the constitution got changed in record time to soothe the ego of one man: Sackey Shanghala.
The housing problem got highlighted when a young man called Job decided to plough in the city if Windhoek’s backyard. We have a new president and his brand new first lady.
This is going to be a year if changes for Namibia. And I just hope that all the afyoona take part in the transformation. Or else all they will be good for is to give Omake. 

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As Swarzenegger said, “I’ll be back”. And so am I. The year has been a crazy one for Namibian politics. Oil was found, but not so much that one would notice. This didn’t stop the finders from strutting off to State House with our potential next president in tow. The SWAPO youth league wasn’t happy about it, and objected vociferously, prompting catfights with the geriatric leadership. The whole thing ended with Pohamba bitchslapping the not-so-youthful youth league into compliance, and sending them into the stone age, to communicate via smoke signals and drums.
Speaking of catfights, did you hear the story about our buck passing Minister of health and the UNAM medical school? It would have been funny, had it not been so tragic. For a lot of Namibians, the hospital has become a place where they go to die. You would think that would worry our honourable minister. But no, he would blame heaven and earth and everything in between before he would take any responsibility for anything. With ministers like those, who needs enemies?

The hard working Abraham Iyambo passed away and his Deputy, Dr Namwaandi was appointed in his position. And he didn’t waste time in starting a feud with the Polytechnic of Namibia’s Tjama Tjivikua. Well, if this is not a clear case of not seeing the log in your own eye, then I don’t know what is. The ministry of Education sends thousands of young people on the streets every year. At least Tjivikua has a higher success rate. And Namwaandi, who is the owner of the IUM, a third rate university at best, shouldn’t be throwing stones. Maybe he should fire himself and replace himself with Tjivikua. Who knows, the stature of his “university” might change from the national joke that it is.

Comments, insults and criticism always appreciated.

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You gotta love Namibia

Haven’t you noticed how our “youth” seem to mature later and later? Why is it so? Is it because we still have middle aged grandpas as leaders of youth organizations? Are we creating a nation of perpetual teenagers?

The government was forced to eat humble pie the other week when one of the accused in the Caprivi treason saga was found innocent. After 13 years and untold suffering. Our government’s shoot first charge later mentality is going to cost us dearly and not only in monetary terms. We look ubiquitous the mirror and see the same people we fought against. People for whom the law was just a convenient excuse to dmsow fear and spur certain people in their places.

In the north, some very responsible adults camped outside a school and looked their own children out because the school had the audacity to accept a few things from Hidipo Hamutenya, former Swapo member and turncoat in the eyes of many. They locked the gate that Mr Hamutenya provided with six padlocks. Talk about overkill. People were willing to sacrifice their kids obviously the altar of political expediency. Maybe there are a few jobs for comrades coming their way.

The olufuko festival, that pitted church and community against one another was a roaring success. People travelled from as areas Windhoek to go see a few boobs, and rumours are that they were bot disappointed. Despite the condemnations, a few pastors went there as well, “to check our the devil’s handiwork.”

I hear that nbc was on strike for a while. I didn’t notice. It would have been nice if the music had died permanently. But fear not, nbc will soon be so broke that parliamentarians will be using drums to communicate.

Kazenambo has a new target in his sight. The vanquisher of Poolman and terror of newspaper reporters has started a themonuclear war against the 43 year old youth, Ngurare aka ghostfighter. The tsunami is still heading for the shore. I don’t know if the levees of Ngurareland will hold against hurricane Kazenambo.

Bye folks.

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Random thoughts.

The Sammification of the country is inevitable. Embrace it, you Sambots. The sun set last night on Lady May, and she said goodnight to all. Miss Namibia apparently exposed the shallowness of beauty contests with many contestants killing two stones with one bird. Namibia is an interesting country.

We have pastors who act like randy goats, health professionals who watch people die, and heroes. Oh do we have heroes! I mean hero. The unknown soldier is getting a name. Hero, thy name is Sam. Father or the nation and all that. In our extended family tradition, it is only fair that we have the uncle of the nation, son of the nation and uncle of my uncle’s brother’s sister’s wife’s cousin of the nation. After all it takes a village to raise a hero. Or does it take a hero to raise a village? I am wavering a little.

Bon Jovi sang a song called you give love a bad name. A lot of pastors are hellbent on giving church a bad name, it seems. Money, power and sex seems to be the motivating factor. If I was a fifty year old man, I wouldn’t wanna embarrass myself trying to match stamina against a young lady. But then that is me. Some people probably still can. Yes we can! Hope and change! But then it exposes how Namibians in positions of power abuse it. Lawyers, politicians and teachers. Everyone looking out for number one, whether to dip their wick in new candle wax or to get a few Sam dollars. We have a crisis. A Christian country behaving like a bunch of heathens? Hypocrisy.

Well. Let me hear from you lot. Will you give me a sign that you still read my ramblings? Thanks Helvi,even if….. you gave me the courage to start again

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Test run…

Anyone still reading?

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The Revolutionary’s creed.

I believe in the holy SWAPO party

The congregation of revolutionaries

The enrichment of comrades

and the rule everlasting.

Comrade Jerry is a man on a mission. If he gets his way, people would be wearing wearing SWAPO suits to church, to work and even when making babies.  And the refrain while having an orgasm would be, Oh Viva SWAPO!! And some people see no problem with this. The sms page in The Namibian has a number of smses equating this to a nurse wearing her uniform to a rally. First, professionals like nurse, soldiers and policemen cannot use their work attire as a political tool. And secondly, most overtly political attire is banned in the workplace(unless you are working for the SWAPO or RDP head office, that is.)

The church for many is a symbol of unity where party, race and social status take a backseat. And bringing politics into it will only serve to divide the country even more. Maybe Comrade Jerry should stick to providing houses and not meddle into matters that are beyond his understanding. Or he can start the SWAPO church, with him as the head priest.

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Render unto Caesar..

I went to a certain church some time  ago. It was all emotional and spiritual and, well I liked the service. Until the time came for the tithes to be paid. Before the tithes, there was a special collection  for the preacher’s wife. Apparently the Lord wanted her to have a car, despite her husband having a perfectly functional and luxurious vehicle.

Then came the circus, where members of the congregation had to pledge amounts of up to ten thousand dollars towards their “spiritual mother”‘s wheels.  Trust in God, the congregation was told. Empty your accounts and God will increase it a hundredfold. And people lined up, pledging all sorts of amounts. In the end the pastor’s wife got her car. I do not know how many of the congregation got what they were trusting the Lord for.

This is not an isolated incident. With an uncertain future looming for many people, many are turning to God. Instead of finding God, many are being lured into religious ponzi schemes where they are being promised that God will meet their needs, if only they can give money. Render unto the pastor his dues, and if God doesn’t pay you yours, then you lack faith.

Faith is a very important thing to many people, and when it is misused by people in authority, not only does it make people disillusioned, but also create cynicism. And a nation full of cynical people is just a disaster waiting to happen.  Instead of emphasizing aspects like love, tolerance and the  pursuit of excellence, some pastors just emphasize worldly wealth. This creates an impression that God is some cosmic ATM who will shower riches upon you if you press the right buttons.



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